A fight occurred in an airplane from Indonesia to the U.S. via Narita Airport. One of the parties of the fight, an Indonesian American as well as a company owner in the U.S., was kicked out of the airplane and arrested in Narita International Airport police station.

Receiving a request from his family in the U.S. to represent him, we rushed to the police station to have interview with him. According to our client, he carelessly got involved in the fight, but it was the other party who provoked the fight. Also, we found that the other party did not get injured, fortunately. Rather, our client’s health condition was significantly bad, so we demanded to the police to have our client get medical treatment and medication. At the same time, we negotiated with the prosecutor by using such information that we obtained through our client. As a result, the prosecutor determined to discharge the case before the end of the detention period.

Later, our client was released. Following our advice, he bought a new flight ticket in a travel company in Tokyo to leave for the U.S. Our client got such prompt outcome, because we were able to communicate directly in English without an interpreter. We the lawyers explained to him the Japan’s criminal procedure in English. Our client understood it well, which helped him handle calmly with the interrogation by the police.

As an aside, our client had tonkatsu (pork cutlet)set meal for the first time in Tokyo, where he was not supposed to stop by. He seemed to be delighted by its taste.[:]